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Every year I’m coming back to this place, but yes only for one day! Julian is playing at Ushuaia already for 3 years in a row and I am lucky to join him.

After some tanning at the pool from the Hard Rock Hotel we went to the Revealed Recordings party at Ushuaia. I bought this lovely white dress in a small Japanese store in Tokyo. When you followed my Snapchat takeover of OOTDmagazine you must have seen this outfit before 🙂

I really love Ibiza and yes the Hard Rock Hotel makes it a bit more special. This hotel is amazing! They always make me feel comfortable and the food is so delicious. If you get the chance to stay at this hotel one day, please make sure you book a room with breakfast included. Their breakfast is heaven!

After coming back to this Island every year for just one day, I think it is time to finally come here for a holiday. So I hope I can come back next year and stay here for at least one week. I love taking pictures on sunny islands!

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Xoxo, Nina

Dress: Libby & Rose (Tokyo)
Sunnies: Kapten & Son (Maui small)
Shoes: Zara
Bikini: Triangl ‘GIGI’ Strawberry Shortcake
Bag: Ambizia
Shorts: Zara

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