And the travel madness has begun….

sick travel schedule

Right when I landed in Munich it started snowing in Austria. That means, YES I can go skiing. To be honest, the last time I’ve skiid I was 7 years old…. So let’s make a small calculation… that’s uhmmm 17 years ago!! Damn, someone is getting old here. Can’t believe I am turning 25 already next month.

winter wonderland in gaicht

But on topic, I had an amazing time in this Winter Wonderland. I was lucky to visit my friend’s place in Gaicht, a small little village in Tirol,  Austria. If you like to get some rest, walk trough the nature, ski and perhaps ride a horse. Go to my friends place! Skiing went actually pretty good. Yes, I am a little bit proud at myself haha. In the meantime I enjoyed some schnitzels and currywurst, nommnommnomm 🙂 While we were driving back to Munich, we passed a ‘famous’ lake called Plansee. Everything was so beautifully white, snowy and the reflections on the ice at the lake were incredible!!

“STOP here in the middle of the road, I need a picture!” – Nina quote.

Now, I am back in Sweden focusing on my master again. I love this country so much, it feels like coming home. I even started to learn some Swedish now.

Happy New Year/Gott Nytt År

New travel stories soon!



Luggage: American Tourister
Hat: Topshop
Bag: Zalando
Sunglasses & watch: Kapten & Son

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  1. Hi Nina, love your blog! Just curious – I’m obsessed with your American Tourister bag but wondering how the white colour holds up and if it’s easy to clean or not. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers!

    • Nina Reply

      Hi Erin,
      Thank you for your question.
      I am really happy with the luggage. It’s the Bon Air one in white.
      The white colour really stays good. I only have some black rubber scratches on it, from the rubber carrousel when you collect your luggage at the airport.
      It’s easy to clean, but I am just a bit too lazy for it, cause you don’t really see it anyway. Once at the airport I could see they really threw with my luggage, so I had a real bump in it. That was a bit annoying, but I could easily pull it back in place from the inside, so that’s a good thing to know 😀
      I don’t know which size you want to go for, but I have the smallest one and the biggest one.There is a lot of space inside and it’s very light weighted. And there is a lock on it, which I really wanted.
      I got mine via Otto a year ago.
      Don’t know where you’re from, but they are easy to get everywhere online.
      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask more 🙂
      Best, Nina

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