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Walking around in Stockholm the other day. Oh how I love this city. I’ve made some OOTD pictures and I’ve been experimenting with some new editing techniques. We went out for lunch for Burgers and Fries, funny thing I was wearing the Fries Before Guys tee from Colourful Rebel. Because honestly, we all have been there and sometimes just the food happiness is better than any guy in the world. What’s your favorite food that is sometimes even better than guys? Let me know in the comments!
I’m pretty happy about my new editing skills to be honest. I am experimenting all the time while I’m editing my pictures, and I really feel I am in a good flow now of how I want them to look. I am thinking of doing a tutorial, cause I’ve been receiving questions about my editing. Let me know it the comments if you would be interested in that!!

Fries before guys ootd fries before guys t-shirt phills burgers stockholm

sweet potato fries truffle

We had some good burgers at Phill’s burgers đŸ™‚ I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries and truffle mayo, yummy! It’s my new favourite thing, I will try to make some sweet potato fries at home soon. So far I didn’t really had much success with that, for some reason they never turn out crispy…

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ootd outfit stockholm ootd fries before guys

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Outfit details:
Black jeans: AG Jeans
Shirt: Colourful Rebel
Green jacket: old one from Zara
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: Loavies

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