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The red star dress is all over Instagram. I see it everywhere and it looks like many influencers are wearing this red star dress for the summer. Lucky me got hands on this dress a while ago. It’s from Realisationpar, besides the red star dress they have many other dresses and tops. I would love to get some other colours of this red star dress. I mean the navy blue one for example looks amazing as well right?

my size and opinion

I am wearing this red star dress in size XS, however the next time I would go for an S. I just like it when it’s a bit looser, especially in summer when it can get quite warm. However, this dress is not for everyone since it’s 195 USD and yes that’s a lot of money. Especially since I have to admit it’s a really thin material and a bit see through, so you can only wear it in summer. So yes it’s a really nice dress and I’m absolutely in love with my red star dress and I am wearing it very often, but it’s maybe not affordable everyone.

red star dressred star dress


Because the red star dress became so popular, many retailers started to ‘copy’ this look. I have seen some similar look-a-likes at ZARA, H&M, Pull & Bear and River Island. However, I’ve tried to find some example for you girls online. Otherwise take a look at one of those stores, this dress shape is really popular now and easy to find in current collections. Hope you can find a nice dress for yourself. Be fast though, cause those are selling out really quick. Feel free to do some more suggestions if you found better look-a-likes or ask me some questions below 🙂


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