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Monday morning sipping on my coffee and looking forward to a new week full of opportunities and happiness. But sometimes it’s hard when everything goes wrong or when you’re stuck in a negative situation to stay positive. I am deeply interested in the human brain and Psychology. It just fascinates me to see how everything works. Why do we feel what we feel? Why do we think what we think? What’s the differences between how men and women think? How can we control our emotions? These are some of the questions I wonder myself almost everyday. When I jump into my bed at night I always do some research on things that are at that moment on my mind. I love to do research and learn continuously. It’s amazing that we have access to so much information, cause the internet is full of different articles and a lot of research has been done on Psychology.

How to stay positive vs the law of attraction

So my last night’s brain food was on ‘How To Stay Positive’. Over the years I’ve learned that we have more power over our mind than we think we have. We can have a great influence on our own life, how we feel, what’s happening and how to attract positivity by being positive. Therefore ‘The Law Of Attraction’ became a real phenomena and there are even communities now that are supporting each other using this method. It basically means that you attract what you belief in. So if you are constantly negative, you are more likely to send out a negative vibe and attract negative situations. On the other hand when you think positive, and send out a positive energy you are more likely to attract positivity in your life. Also when you are more positive, you also attract positive people in your life or you even will have the power to lift other persons up with your positivity. That sounds great right?

DO this to stay positive

Every time you feel that you are in a negative vibe or not really happy with a situation, try to look for all the positive things. Focus only on the positive things in that situation. We tend to forget about the positive when something negative arises. For example you are in a disagreement with your spouse and it turn into a fight. You solely focus on that negative moment, but take a step back and remind yourself about all the positive things. Also I would recommend everyone to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book teaches you how to focus on the now. Nowadays we are so busy and occupied with work pressure, social pressure, the internet, social media… I can go on forever, but we tend to live all the time in the future or past or maybe even in an imaginary world (I think I will start doing more research on this). We forget about the NOW and forget to enjoy the little things that are happening NOW. This book is a little bit like my own ‘bible’. I always read in it whenever I feel that I am too much disconnect from the ‘real’ moment.

Second, keep saying positive things to yourself. It is very important to remind yourself constantly and say it over and over again. It takes practice to change your way of thinking, especially if you have been looking through a negative lens for a while.

So last night I read these 21 quotes (source) before I went to sleep. I am sure everyone can relate to at least a few of these quotes. After reading it I felt so happy, positive and thankful that after it I slept like a baby. The key is to read this over and over again just as many times, so 95% of your time you will think positively. Of course, it’s not possible to cut out completely negative thoughts out of your mind, but 95% positive and just 5% negative sounds like a great deal to me 🙂
Enjoy reading the quotes and don’t forget YOU are in control of your mind!


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positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote

positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote

positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote positive quote

DISCLAIMER: I am not a psychologist and I did not do scientific research myself on this topic. I just been reading a lot over the past years and I gained my knowledge from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, articles via HuffingtonPost and TinyBuddha, The Law of Attraction (via a friend) and my own experiences.

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