So what is exactly Swedish Fika? When I just moved here to Sweden I found out that the Sweden are always looking for a reason to ‘celebrate’ something haha. I look at the Swedes as real life enjoyers. Guess why I moved here? No just kidding haha. So a Swedish Fika is basically getting together with a friend or colleague or whatsoever, and drink coffee with something sweet. And they just gave that a name ‘Fika’. Funny thing, before I moved to Sweden I barely drank coffee. Now I drink about two cups a day. I start my day with black coffee and I have a cappuccino during my Fika in the afternoon haha. Interesting how fast you adapt to a new country and its culture. I love Fika <3


Always when I go somewhere for coffee or for food, I want to make sure that the place looks ‘Instagrammable’ haha. I just don’t want to miss an opportunity of not being able to makes photos. So if your place has marble tables, you got me, I am already on my way haha! Yesterday I went to Wienercafeet at Biblioteksgatan 6. It’s such a nice place. Their terrace is amazing. They have all marble tables, beautiful flowers as decoration and those classic chairs. Haha sorry If I sound a bit nerdy now. I just really pay attention to that when I go somewhere. My friends are used to it now. Sometimes we even switch places during the ‘food’ or ‘fika’ because the light is better at their seat for example haha. Yesterday I had my first, smörbulle. This is similar to the classic kanelbulle, also known as a cinnamon bun. But this one was with butter and vanilla. So yummy!

So what do you think? are these pictures ‘Instagrammable’ or not? It would say so :D.

If you know any other nice places in Stockholm that I should visit, please leave a comment below and I will check them out soon 🙂

PS: have you seen my latest post about How I Edit Instagram Photos with a full step-by-step guide? Hope that one was helpful for you all!


Swedish Fika
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Swedish Fika

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Swedish Fika
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Swedish Fika


  1. Definitely “instagrammable” photos! This place looks great! Can’t wait to see what you will discover next! xx

    • Thank you Anthi! Hopefully I will discover some new places soon 🙂 X Nina

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