I love layering my outfits. It just looks more ‘fashionable’ to me, because you add many clothes on top of each other, and it makes the outfit look more interesting. I get easily bored with a simple dress, and I just like to give a ‘new’ look to my old clothes. Otherwise, they end up lonely in my wardrobe waiting to be worn haha. But how de we layer in summer? Here are my Layering Tips!

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Sweaters on Dresses

Currently I am wearing often sweaters on top of my summer dresses or skirts. I like the casual but trendy style of it. I combine it with sneakers to make the look complete as ‘casual’. Layering tip: use an old dress or skirt. This dress is quite old and I didn’t know how to wear it anymore, so then I started combining it with sweaters on top of it and now I like wearing it again haha.

Last week one of my friends visited my in Stockholm. We went out for drinks in the evening and the summer days are just amazing right now in Stockholm. So you can catch some real golden hour here. The light during golden hour is the best 😉

You can shop this look below 🙂 and did you see that ASOS started their SALE? I’ve selected my favourites for you here!


layering tips

layering tips

Sweater: here
Shoes: here
Dress (similar): here
Bag: here
Sunglasses: here
Watch: here


This post is in collaboration with Paul Hewitt.


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