A few days ago I discovered Tularosa on ASOS. Why didn’t I see this brand before, was my first thought? Well their clothes got my attention so much, that I needed to make a full blogpost about Tularosa (USA here, Europe here).

Tularosa The Brand

They described themselves as ‘A refined vintage-inspired collection of romantic dresses, textural jackets, and embroidered tops designed for the wild at heart’. It is a shame though that you can’t find much about the brand online. Where is it from? How did they started? Who is behind it? If someone at Tularose is reading this, I would suggest an about page on your website 🙂 haha. What I found is that they ship from the US, so US based I guess????

ASOS 336x250

Perfect for Summer Holidays

Their collections looks so summery and are perfect for a beach holiday. I’ve selected some of my favourite items. I do not own any yet 🙁 But I’m planning the buy some, since on ASOS they are getting on SALE now as well. yay! We love SALE <3

PS: I still haven’t planned my summer holiday. I am so last minutes with these kind of things. Where are you girls going this summer?

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Much Love, XOXO Nina

Click on the Images to shop the items from Tularosa

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