Yesterday my brother arrived in Stockholm. It’s actually his first time in Sweden, so funny haha. So when family comes to visit you, you have to show them your city right? Well I’m such a pro at that (not), cause I live here ‘already’ for a month. But hey I have it a try and showed my brother some Stockholm Highlights.

Stockholm Highlights

The Islands

So what’s classic in Sweden or Stockholm? Well, Stockholm is basically a town of small islands. So we have a lot of water and nice places you can take a walk. Last night we walked from Kungsholmen (Norr Mälarstrand) all the way to the City and Gamla Stan (Old Town).

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

In Old Town you can see some nice old buildings and the Royal palace I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong haha. There are many nice historical buildings, churches, Riddarkyrkan, and some touristic shops for souvenirs. You will not find many locals here, to be honest I never spend time in Gamla Stan. It’s really just for tourist to see the old part of the city. Because this is also an Island, obviously it’s nice to walk around the ‘island’ next to the water. You have a nice view at one point on Södermalm (the hipster area).

Classic Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar)

After our touristic walking tour, my brother wanted to have some real Swedish food. So we all know Ikeas Meatballs right? haha. So I took him to a restaurant where they have real classic Swedish Meatballs. In Swedish they are called: Köttbullar. And no, you don’t pronounce that K. My brother’s pronunciation: ‘kutbullar’ hahahah. Couldn’t stop laughing. But actually a common mistake. Don’t ask me why, but this K is a weird thing in Swedish. They pronounce it as: ‘sjutbullar’. Something like that, if that makes sense? 😉

Today we are going to the Vasa museum and maybe we will take a nice boat tour. There are plenty of nice things to do in this city, so hopefully we can do all of them!

Have a great weekend! Xoxo Nina

PS: Did you see my article about my best places for a Swedish fika in Stockholm?

Stockholm Highlights
My favourite spot in Stockholm that has an amazing view on Södermalm.

Stockholm Highlights
Classic Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar).
Stockholm Highlights
Acting cute or something. Top from Loavies.

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