Nordstrom Anniversay Sale – New Styles

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going now for over a week. Have you bought your first items already? They added some new styles into their sales collection. I love this top from Diane von Furstenberg. Can’t believe they added items from DVF in the sale!! I always like to have basic black suit pants in my closet. These ones are ankle ones, which is perfect for short people like me. And a wool coat cannot be missed for this fall. This is your last chance to get one early and be ready for the upcoming season. This is my favourite one. 

Just a couple of days left

You have only a couple of days left. This is your last chance to buy items from the sale. Take advantages of the new added styles and be the first one to grab them. The sale goes on until the 6th of August and on the 7th the prices will immediately go up again! So don’t miss out on this upcoming week!

My Favourite New Items of the Sale

I’ve selected my favourite items from the newly added items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Also I’ve made a blogpost before with a full selection per category of my Blogger Picks. Check out the article here. 

Let me know what you bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Xoxo Nina


  1. Wow I fell in love with this first coat. It looks amazing! But more I fell in love with your blog *.* You have beautifull photos
    Best regards! x

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