Summer temperature in Sweden

Best Beach Spot Stockholm? I was wondering now summer is here in Sweden, where I could enjoy those long summer nights the best in the big city.. Every time I walk around in my new city I feel so blessed that I live here. The summer has been amazing here so far. I know it’s not Greece or Spain, where it gets like 30-40 degrees celsius. But with 22 degrees and long days of sun, I definitely cannot complain.

Best Beach Spot Stockholm

Best beach spot Stockholm

The other day I was with my roommate at this beautiful ‘beach’ spot close to our place. It’s called: Smedsuddsbadet. Many families and kids are enjoying the summer here at this small beach. Also you can swim in the water, it’s super clean. But to be honest, I think it was a bit cold yet.. So I still have to try it soon haha. But it’s perfect to just sit and relax and watch the amazing view.

Best Beach Spot Stockholm

Picnic with wine

This is a beautiful spot for a picnic, either with a friend or for a romantic date. You can watch together the sunset or make Instagram pictures haha 🙂 The sun goes down late here during the summer, so the days are long and you can enjoy them fully until the late hours. My roommate and I just took some fruit and a bottle of rose wine to this beach spot. We have been enjoying the sun and the beautiful view here the whole evening. For us this is definitely the best beach spot in Stockholm!

Do you have nice summer spots in your hometown? Where are you from? Let me know in the comments!

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Best Beach Spot Stockholm



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