Flower Embroidery Flower Embroidery

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Flower Embroidery Flower Embroidery

I thought it was time to pull out this flower embroidery top again out of my closet. I have it now for a couple of months, but sometimes to be honest I am too shy to wear it. It’s a crop top from Urban Outfitters, so you can wear it best with high-waist jeans or a skirt. This day I was happily walking around in a park close to my home.

Also I recently dyed on my own my hair again. Always when I go to a hairdresser it just never turns out the way I wanted. So I do my own hair for a while now. I just bought professional hair dyes online from Schwarzkopf. The top colour is: 6:11 and the blonde parts are 8:11. The 11 stands for ‘ashy’ tone. I love colder ashier tones. When I first bleached my hair it got a bit orange/warm, because I have dark hair. Well enough about my hair haha!

I got so many nice compliments on my Instagram about this flower embroidery top. Thank you all for the nice messages! Don’t forget to follow me and leave a comment below 🙂


PS: Have you seen my Denim Skirt trend post? This one is really nice to combine with this flower embroidery top!


    • haha your comment made me so laugh! It’s actually so much easier than it looks like, and WAYYYYY cheaper than at a hairdresser. If you even wnt to try, check some YouTube tutorials and you will be ready to go. Also if you have any questions about colours and mixing, I can take a look for you. I did a lot of research haha! Have a great day X Nina

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