Yves Rocher Sensitive

Yves Rocher Sensitive

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Yves Rocher Sensitive Yves Rocher Sensitive

My Skincare Routine

Lately I made a real change to my skincare routine. I’ve been struggling with finding the right products for my skin that actually works. Recently I received some products from Yves Rocher’s Sensitive line. I am struggling with some redness and my skin in general is quite sensitive.  I was a bit lazy with investing in good products for my skin. I just took my make-up off, used a face wash and after that applied some moisturiser.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal – After two months

So I have been using this line for two months now, and I can really see a big difference. My skin is more clear and less red. It looks smoother and just glowy and healthy. Besides a good skincare routine, I would recommend drinking a lot of water to hydrate your body/skin.
– I first take my eye make up off, with a basic eye make-up remover
– then I use their cleansing milk and toner to remove my make-up on my face
– after that I apply their serum
– then I use the Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal eye cream! (I love this one)
– and last but not least I apply the moisturiser on my face

The Eye Cream

My favourite is the Eye Cream from this line. I actually never used eye cream before, I always neglected it. Now I finally can see the importance of it. After applying this eye cream, it felt instantly more smooth and fresh under my eyes. I would really recommend this eye cream.
My skin has improved so much, especially the redness is almost gone. I will definitely continue using the Yves Rocher Sensitive line.
Which products do you use for your skin?
Leave some comments below!
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