StyleLounge I was looking for the classic Vans shoes for a while now, but I noticed that many online shops had a different price.
A month ago I find out about StyleLounge.  

What is StyleLounge?

StyleLounge is a platform that helps you find the best prices for the item you’re looking for. When you go their website: . You have several options.. You can either look around at the website, and just look at the latest collections by category, or you can search for your specific item in the search bar. The website selects automatically the best price for you, for example via Zalando, ABOUT YOU, Omoda, Amazon and many many more. Depends on the country/region you are in!  They are the first platform that focusses only on fashion for comparing prices!



The countries/region

The website is available in different countries. Therefore click on the link for your country/region, to have optimal results:


So I finally found my Vans via StyleLounge for the best price ever! Thank you so much for helping me out with this never-ending issue haha! I would recommend everyone to check out this great platform, so you always get the best price for the fashion items you’re looking for!


PS: Also take a look at my other blogpost about my skincare routine! 🙂


This post is in collaboration with StyleLounge.

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