StyleLounge I was looking for the classic Vans shoes for a while now, but I noticed that many online shops had a different price.
A month ago I find out about StyleLounge.  

What is StyleLounge?

StyleLounge is a platform that helps you find the best prices for the item you’re looking for. When you go their website: . You have several options.. You can either look around at the website, and just look at the latest collections by category, or you can search for your specific item in the search bar. The website selects automatically the best price for you, for example via Zalando, ABOUT YOU, Omoda, Amazon and many many more. Depends on the country/region you are in!  They are the first platform that focusses only on fashion for comparing prices!



The countries/region

The website is available in different countries. Therefore click on the link for your country/region, to have optimal results:


So I finally found my Vans via StyleLounge for the best price ever! Thank you so much for helping me out with this never-ending issue haha! I would recommend everyone to check out this great platform, so you always get the best price for the fashion items you’re looking for!


PS: Also take a look at my other blogpost about my skincare routine! 🙂


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Flower Embroidery Flower Embroidery

Shop this look:

Flower Embroidery Flower Embroidery

I thought it was time to pull out this flower embroidery top again out of my closet. I have it now for a couple of months, but sometimes to be honest I am too shy to wear it. It’s a crop top from Urban Outfitters, so you can wear it best with high-waist jeans or a skirt. This day I was happily walking around in a park close to my home.

Also I recently dyed on my own my hair again. Always when I go to a hairdresser it just never turns out the way I wanted. So I do my own hair for a while now. I just bought professional hair dyes online from Schwarzkopf. The top colour is: 6:11 and the blonde parts are 8:11. The 11 stands for ‘ashy’ tone. I love colder ashier tones. When I first bleached my hair it got a bit orange/warm, because I have dark hair. Well enough about my hair haha!

I got so many nice compliments on my Instagram about this flower embroidery top. Thank you all for the nice messages! Don’t forget to follow me and leave a comment below 🙂


PS: Have you seen my Denim Skirt trend post? This one is really nice to combine with this flower embroidery top!

Nordstrom Anniversay Sale – New Styles

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going now for over a week. Have you bought your first items already? They added some new styles into their sales collection. I love this top from Diane von Furstenberg. Can’t believe they added items from DVF in the sale!! I always like to have basic black suit pants in my closet. These ones are ankle ones, which is perfect for short people like me. And a wool coat cannot be missed for this fall. This is your last chance to get one early and be ready for the upcoming season. This is my favourite one. 

Just a couple of days left

You have only a couple of days left. This is your last chance to buy items from the sale. Take advantages of the new added styles and be the first one to grab them. The sale goes on until the 6th of August and on the 7th the prices will immediately go up again! So don’t miss out on this upcoming week!

My Favourite New Items of the Sale

I’ve selected my favourite items from the newly added items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Also I’ve made a blogpost before with a full selection per category of my Blogger Picks. Check out the article here. 

Let me know what you bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Xoxo Nina

Real Musthave

This season a denim skirt cannot be missed in your wardrobe. I am totally obsessed with this trend. You can wear a denim skirt with sneakers, but also with heels it will go very well. You can combine it into a casual or either chique look. Also on chilly summer nights I love to just put on a sweater on top of a denim skirt. The look is still ‘summery’ then, but I just love it with oversized sweaters. Denim SkirtShop This Look here:
Skirt: here
Top: here
Sunglasses: here


My Favourite Webshops to Buy a Denim Skirt

I recently bought this one from Urban Outfitters. But on ASOS you can also find many many nice denim skirt. All different kinds. Also Topshop has some nice offer on SALE now. You can really tell it’s a real trend, since every retailer is basically adapting this style into their collection. Be fast though, cause the best ones are selling out fast during this sale.

Also check out my SALE pages with my favourite items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and the ASOS Sale!

My Denim Skirt Favourites Selected For You

I’ve selected some of my favourites here for you. Let me know which one you bought or already have. And I am also curious to know how you like to combine your denim skirt!

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Today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started for public. Which means that everyone even without a Nordstrom card can now access the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and start shopping. If you don’t miss out on the most popular items go NOW NOW NOW to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale site! SCROLL DOWN TO GO TO THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE BLOGGER PICKS IMMEDIATELY!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Picks

I’ve selected specially for you some of my favourite items. These items are really popular, so if you like one of those make sure you buy them immediately. The items are selling out very fast. This Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is very popular, and last week premium cardholders already could have an early access to their Sale items.

PS: Did you see my special Nordstrom Anniversary Sale page?

Trendy Must-Haves

Real trends to follow during this sale are: flower patterns. I love flower patterns, and this is a real must for this season. Besides flower patterns Adidas shoes are back in style, you can find some nice sneakers in the sale here. Also AllSaints is one of my favourite brands. I’ve selected these items and brands in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Picks.

I love this Allsaints bag, the colour is just amazing for fall. The jeans from AG are my favourite, shop them here. 

But the shoes of this year’s sale…. I just can’t over it. These over-knee boots, I want them so so bad! In the winter those kind of boots are so expensive, so this is really a top deal!

Opportunity for Perfect Basics

Basics are always a good idea. You can wear them any season and it’s good to fill up your closet with some good basics. There are many jeans from AGjeans that are a really good buy now during the Sale. I have some pairs of those, and I totally love them. The quality is really good, so take your chances now during the sale. Also I’ve selected some cardigans, sweaters and basic t-shirts for you. These basics will make you completely ready for fall. It’s a good opportunity to buy cheap now.

It’s a shame I don’t live in The United States, cause I really think this Sale has so many good offers. So for all my North American girls:
Happy Shopping during the Sale!

Let me know what you bought and leave some comments below! <3


PS: Did you shop during the early-access already? Check out my blogpost about the early-access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Picks per Category (Click on the image)

Top tip: BE FAST! The Sale is going crazy and all the best items are selling out very quickly. Hope you can find some nice items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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A few days ago I discovered Tularosa on ASOS. Why didn’t I see this brand before, was my first thought? Well their clothes got my attention so much, that I needed to make a full blogpost about Tularosa (USA here, Europe here).

Tularosa The Brand

They described themselves as ‘A refined vintage-inspired collection of romantic dresses, textural jackets, and embroidered tops designed for the wild at heart’. It is a shame though that you can’t find much about the brand online. Where is it from? How did they started? Who is behind it? If someone at Tularose is reading this, I would suggest an about page on your website 🙂 haha. What I found is that they ship from the US, so US based I guess????

ASOS 336x250

Perfect for Summer Holidays

Their collections looks so summery and are perfect for a beach holiday. I’ve selected some of my favourite items. I do not own any yet 🙁 But I’m planning the buy some, since on ASOS they are getting on SALE now as well. yay! We love SALE <3

PS: I still haven’t planned my summer holiday. I am so last minutes with these kind of things. Where are you girls going this summer?

Check out my blogpost about how to Layer in Summer!

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Much Love, XOXO Nina

Click on the Images to shop the items from Tularosa

I love layering my outfits. It just looks more ‘fashionable’ to me, because you add many clothes on top of each other, and it makes the outfit look more interesting. I get easily bored with a simple dress, and I just like to give a ‘new’ look to my old clothes. Otherwise, they end up lonely in my wardrobe waiting to be worn haha. But how de we layer in summer? Here are my Layering Tips!

0.3 Logo

Sweaters on Dresses

Currently I am wearing often sweaters on top of my summer dresses or skirts. I like the casual but trendy style of it. I combine it with sneakers to make the look complete as ‘casual’. Layering tip: use an old dress or skirt. This dress is quite old and I didn’t know how to wear it anymore, so then I started combining it with sweaters on top of it and now I like wearing it again haha.

Last week one of my friends visited my in Stockholm. We went out for drinks in the evening and the summer days are just amazing right now in Stockholm. So you can catch some real golden hour here. The light during golden hour is the best 😉

You can shop this look below 🙂 and did you see that ASOS started their SALE? I’ve selected my favourites for you here!


layering tips

layering tips

Sweater: here
Shoes: here
Dress (similar): here
Bag: here
Sunglasses: here
Watch: here


This post is in collaboration with Paul Hewitt.

Waaaaaaah it’s that time of the year again, the BIG Nordstrom sale. This years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has so many nice items available. It’s the perfect time to save up money and be ready with classic items for autumn/winter.

early access nordstrom anniversary sale

Pssssst. Did you know, you can get early access now: here.

Shop early

The Nordstrom Anniversay Sale has many many must-have items, but you can have now an exclusive early access to see which of your favourite items reduced in price and are now ready to shop. Make sure you have an Nordstrom card holder, to get early access to the sale. If you don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, you can sign up for one for free here. 

shop fast

Most items are selling out very quickly. So if you see any of your favourites below? Click the image and shop immediately your favourites. You don’t want to look later at your screen at a sold-out image :(. This happens to me all the time. So right now when I just see something I immediately buy it.

I’ve selected some of my early-access favourites of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Just click on the picture and you are ready to shop at the early-access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 🙂

Happy shopping!


ps: Did you see my SALE DRESSES MUST-HAVES blogpost?

For my European followers, ASOS started with up to 60% off shoes and accessories.
My ASOS favourites:

More ASOS sale items under my page here.



Last week I attended the Urban Outfitters Stockholm store opening. The store was located in Stockholm before, but closed after a while. I think it has been closed for more than half a year. Now they re-opened at a new location Regeringsgatan 65. The opening party started at 17.00 and there was a huge line outside with people that couldn’t wait to get it. During this night everyone could get extra 10% off.

Urban outfitters Stockholm competition

The store looks really beautiful, but yeah I just love Urban Outfitters. We had a store in Amsterdam and their clothes are just amazing. During this night they held a contest. They wanted us to upload photos on Instagram with the hashtag #UOStockholm. The person with the best photo would win shopping money to spend in the Urban Outfitters Stockholm store. See below for the photo I participated with 🙂

Urban Outfitters Stockholm
The photo I submitted with the hashtag #UOStockholm.

shop this look here

highlights of the store

When you come into the store you will find the women’s and men’s department on the ground floor. To be fair the men’s department is quite small, I wonder if they had a reason for that? Cause I like their men’s clothing as well. Not for myself of course, but yeah you got it 😉

On the first floor is the ‘big’ women’s department, with more clothes and accessories, shoes, lingerie etc. I am totally in love with the Vans shoes. They got really trendy again, I see them all over Instagram. However I am waiting for the light yellow version of the Vans. Does anyone know where to get those? Apparently Urban Outfitters might get them soon.

ps: have you seen my latest blogpost about how I edit my Instagram photos?

Urban Outfitters Stockholm

Urban Outfitters StockholmUrban Outfitters Stockholm

Urban Outfitters Stockholm

Let’s not forget that Urban Outfitters has a really nice book section. Of course, I needed to take a pictures of this one. And YES I also skimmed through it haha :).

the winner of the contest

At 20.30 the winners of the contest were announces. There were 5 runner ups and 1 big winner. And I WON!!!!!! woohoooo. I was so happy! Now I can shop soon new items at Urban Outfitters Stockholm and post more nice outfit photos here and on my other channels :).

Wanna read more about my new adventures in Stockholm? The Best Place for a Swedish Fika you can find here. 


Did you see that Boozt and Nelly have many new added SALE items this week?

23102014_baner lotcom_chopin_300x250 Image Banner 300 x 250

Day-time event at f12 terrassen

Last weekend I was joining a day event at F12 Terrassen in Stockolm. This was my first real ‘party’ since I moved here, so I was ready to go and meet some new people. The location was really nice, like the name itself says it has a ‘terrace’ where you have a nice view over some part of the city. We had some nice drinks. My favourite drinks at the moment are Gin & Tonic and Aperol Spritz 🙂

my best sale purchase

Last week I scored this green dot dress at ZARA. Normally I don’t bother to look through the mess during ZARA’s sale. But by ‘accident’ we walked into the store and I saw immediately this dress. So I am pretty happy with my SALE purchase, it was only 349 SEK I believe. This dress is now my favourite for more fancy events or maybe a nice ‘date’ haha. Who knows?

I am currently working on a blogpost and video about How I Edit My Photos, since this has been requested a lot. So Coming Soon!

Have a great day!


ps: Did you see my recent blogpost about my favourite SALE dresses?

look of the day 1

details look

The letter pendant necklace you can get here!
richmond and finch marble caseMarble phone case from Richmond & Finch! 20% off with my personal code nina.alina20look of the day

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