Moved to Stockholm

Finally done with unpacking all the boxes in my new apartment. Jeeeeezzz, what a lot of work was that. I had so much stuff. You should have seen me driving up to here, with the car fully packed up untill the roof haha. Oops.. not sure if that’s even allowed, cause I couldn’t see anything anymore in that mirror in the middle. But yeah, we made it!!!! I was strolling through my new neighbourhood today and I absolutely love it here! Be ready for some real Stockholm spamming the upcoming days/weeks! πŸ™‚

Outfit details:
Bag: Celine lookalike here
Jeans: here
Top: here
Shoes: here
Letter pendant necklace: here

And our balcony is amazing! We have the morning sun on our balcony, so we are having breakfast and drinking coffee there everyday now πŸ™‚ <3

XOXO, Nina

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Rain drop, drop top

Who doesn’t love off-shoulder tops this summer?Β I am in love with this top. This outfit is from a dinner night. I combined it with casual black jeansΒ and shoes from a lovely Spanish brand Unisa!Β I just got back from Greece and I enjoyed the dinners there so much. Pita Gyros is seriously my favourite thing at the moment, nommm. Back to reality now, finishing up my masters thesis and hopefully I will have my degree soon. Exciting!

xoxo Nina

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Sunset goals in Greece


Yesterday I arrived in Thessaloniki, YAY. I’ve been waiting for so long for some sun. The weather in Sweden has been terrible the last months, it’s May and it’s still winter there. When we got out of the airport it was immediately 27 degrees, so I was happy and looking forward to spend the rest of the week here. We are visiting my friends hometown. One of my best friends is from Thessaloniki, I’ve been to some Greek islands before but never on the main land. These pictures were taken yesterday during sunset. It was such a beautiful walk!
Keep an eye on my Instagram and stories for more updates from this week!

xoxo Nina

Dress: Drylake
Shoes: Parkwest
Bag: Loavies

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

Some of you have might seen it already on my Instagram. Daniel Wellington recently launched their new watch collection ‘The Classic Petite‘. I can see that this mesh trend is getting popular every day. These are my first DW pieces, and I have to say I am in love with Daniel Wellington’s quality and style. I think I would wear the rose gold one a lot this summer and keep the silver one as a more fall/winter look. And did you see their campaign with the one and only Kendal Jenner? Legends right? haha.

This accessory is a must for the upcoming season and will make your outfit definitely complete <3

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This post is in collaboration with Daniel Wellington.

Sunny terrace days

Finally the sun is out, YAY! Last weekend I was in MalmΓΆ sitting on a terrace enjoying the first sunny moments in Sweden. It’s so funny but actually ridiculous how the sun affects our mood. I felt instantly way more happy and had more energy than before. I think I need to get used to this dark winters in Sweden, or maybe escape the winters and be here over the summer..

I think enjoying the sun with a rose wine and some good food is one of my favourite activities. It just makes me happy and feel alive.


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Denim jacket trend

Trend alert!!! In case you’ve missed it.. Denim jackets are THE thing this spring/summer. I wanted one for so long already, but sometimes it’s just not the right color of denim. If you get what I mean haha… So I finally found this one when I was shopping with my mom in Copenhagen. It’s from MonkiΒ and you can check it out here., but there are so many nice ones available!

I am so happy spring has finally arrived in Sweden. I immediately started making more pictures, because it just looks WAYYYY better with some sun. Yes that sun ray is real and not edited, yay ! Β Tomorrow I’m going off to MalmΓΆ to enjoy some sun with a wine on a terrace πŸ™‚ Keep an eye on my Instagram for some new sunny pictures!

Shoes –Β here
T-shirt – here
Sunnies – Tijn Eyewear
Denim jacket – Monki
Jeans – Topshop
Watch – here

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Living in Stockholm?

Currently sitting at Arlanda airport writing this blogpost while looking at a sunny blue sky and airplanes that are passing by.
Life is beautiful!

So I spent my weekend in Stockholm again. This is the third time that I am visiting Sweden’s capital. This weekend was all just about chilling, good food, wine and watching the Melodifestivalen haha! I have this guilty pleasure for the Eurovision songfestival and last Saturday Sweden got their national finals. Seriously I loved all the song, you can really tell that the Swedes are good at making music. Well congrats to Robin Bengtsson, but I really liked Nano – Hold On (they ended up second).

The weather was amazing, finally spring is coming to Sweden. This OOTD look is from Saturday. I am obsessed with pink, so you might caught me wearing 50 shades of pink this spring πŸ™‚ I really like Stockholm, I need to start thinking about where I am going to live after finishing my master in Lund. Stockholm is definitely one of my options. I have seriously no real plans yet and no idea what I am going to do. But I actually like that uncertainty. Just go with the flow. Who knows where life will bring me!

If you could move now anywhere, where would you go?

Xoxo, Nina

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Sweatshirt from ASOS (get it here)
Shoes from SuperGa (get it here)
Sunnies from TIJN eyewear (get it here)
Bag from Zara (last year’s collection)

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Birthday Girl

Today I turn 25. I may only be a day older than yesterday, but now I can say I’ve lived a quarter of a century, and what a life it’s been so far. It seems so common to fear growing up and getting old, but I relish every moment of it. For every year that I’ve been able to walk this Earth, I’ve grown wiser, stronger, and, most of all, happier. Although it may not appear so in the photos I share, my life is far from perfect. Behind the fancy pictures is a real person, with a life full of ups and downs.
As a child I went through times of great pain, and to this day I have struggles that I don’t show the world. Through all of it, though, I am thankful. I am thankful for every experience, even the failures, the pain, the heartbreaks, and the tears, because these experiences are what helped me to understand the most important things in life. At the heart of it all, what matters most? To love, and to be loved. To connect with other souls, and experience the joys and sorrows of life together.
I am incredibly grateful to have wonderful people in my life. They have seen me through all the lows, and they push me to new highs. They give me energy and make me smile every day. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people who you know will stand by you through everything life may throw at you. These people are the ones who listen when you tell them your dreams, and they take it as a matter of course that you can make those dreams reality. My dreams are big, and I won’t waste a precious moment not working to achieve them.
I have a lot of plans for this year, and I feel ready. Ready to accomplish big things. Ready to love and be loved. Ready for the highs, and the lows. Ready to live and learn, through whatever life has to offer me. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me so far, and I am so excited to share the next chapter of my life with you all!

Love xx, Nina

Dress: Realisationpar

Joined the Bad Girls Club


Guess what I was doing last weekend? Exactly, I turned my festival party mode on again! I was visiting 7th Sunday festival together with my love and my second love aka new photographer (my best friend Suzanne). When she’s joining the party, you know you will get in trouble that night. And of course we all had a amazing time. This festival never disappoints me. I was dancing around at the Revealed stage all day in my new Bad Girls Club bomber from Colourful Rebel.

Who wants to join the Bad Girls Club?

XoXo Nina

Jacket: Colourful Rebel

T-shirt: Colourful Rebel

Bag: Ambizia

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: Adidas superstar

Festival time

YAAAAAY! That time of the year again when the sun starts shining in Holland and the festival season begins. Last weekend we where enjoying the beautiful weather while chilling at a nice/small festival in Holland. My boyfriend was playing at Fairytale Festival together with many of his colleagues/friends, so we had really a fun day together. Sorry for spamming so many outfit posts, but I just love this Kimono from Boohoo.