Yves Rocher Sensitive

Yves Rocher Sensitive

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Yves Rocher Sensitive Yves Rocher Sensitive

My Skincare Routine

Lately I made a real change to my skincare routine. I’ve been struggling with finding the right products for my skin that actually works. Recently I received some products from Yves Rocher’s Sensitive line. I am struggling with some redness and my skin in general is quite sensitive.  I was a bit lazy with investing in good products for my skin. I just took my make-up off, used a face wash and after that applied some moisturiser.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal – After two months

So I have been using this line for two months now, and I can really see a big difference. My skin is more clear and less red. It looks smoother and just glowy and healthy. Besides a good skincare routine, I would recommend drinking a lot of water to hydrate your body/skin.
– I first take my eye make up off, with a basic eye make-up remover
– then I use their cleansing milk and toner to remove my make-up on my face
– after that I apply their serum
– then I use the Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal eye cream! (I love this one)
– and last but not least I apply the moisturiser on my face

The Eye Cream

My favourite is the Eye Cream from this line. I actually never used eye cream before, I always neglected it. Now I finally can see the importance of it. After applying this eye cream, it felt instantly more smooth and fresh under my eyes. I would really recommend this eye cream.
My skin has improved so much, especially the redness is almost gone. I will definitely continue using the Yves Rocher Sensitive line.
Which products do you use for your skin?
Leave some comments below!
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Summer temperature in Sweden

Best Beach Spot Stockholm? I was wondering now summer is here in Sweden, where I could enjoy those long summer nights the best in the big city.. Every time I walk around in my new city I feel so blessed that I live here. The summer has been amazing here so far. I know it’s not Greece or Spain, where it gets like 30-40 degrees celsius. But with 22 degrees and long days of sun, I definitely cannot complain.

Best Beach Spot Stockholm

Best beach spot Stockholm

The other day I was with my roommate at this beautiful ‘beach’ spot close to our place. It’s called: Smedsuddsbadet. Many families and kids are enjoying the summer here at this small beach. Also you can swim in the water, it’s super clean. But to be honest, I think it was a bit cold yet.. So I still have to try it soon haha. But it’s perfect to just sit and relax and watch the amazing view.

Best Beach Spot Stockholm

Picnic with wine

This is a beautiful spot for a picnic, either with a friend or for a romantic date. You can watch together the sunset or make Instagram pictures haha 🙂 The sun goes down late here during the summer, so the days are long and you can enjoy them fully until the late hours. My roommate and I just took some fruit and a bottle of rose wine to this beach spot. We have been enjoying the sun and the beautiful view here the whole evening. For us this is definitely the best beach spot in Stockholm!

Do you have nice summer spots in your hometown? Where are you from? Let me know in the comments!

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Best Beach Spot Stockholm


Yesterday my brother arrived in Stockholm. It’s actually his first time in Sweden, so funny haha. So when family comes to visit you, you have to show them your city right? Well I’m such a pro at that (not), cause I live here ‘already’ for a month. But hey I have it a try and showed my brother some Stockholm Highlights.

Stockholm Highlights

The Islands

So what’s classic in Sweden or Stockholm? Well, Stockholm is basically a town of small islands. So we have a lot of water and nice places you can take a walk. Last night we walked from Kungsholmen (Norr Mälarstrand) all the way to the City and Gamla Stan (Old Town).

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

In Old Town you can see some nice old buildings and the Royal palace I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong haha. There are many nice historical buildings, churches, Riddarkyrkan, and some touristic shops for souvenirs. You will not find many locals here, to be honest I never spend time in Gamla Stan. It’s really just for tourist to see the old part of the city. Because this is also an Island, obviously it’s nice to walk around the ‘island’ next to the water. You have a nice view at one point on Södermalm (the hipster area).

Classic Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar)

After our touristic walking tour, my brother wanted to have some real Swedish food. So we all know Ikeas Meatballs right? haha. So I took him to a restaurant where they have real classic Swedish Meatballs. In Swedish they are called: Köttbullar. And no, you don’t pronounce that K. My brother’s pronunciation: ‘kutbullar’ hahahah. Couldn’t stop laughing. But actually a common mistake. Don’t ask me why, but this K is a weird thing in Swedish. They pronounce it as: ‘sjutbullar’. Something like that, if that makes sense? 😉

Today we are going to the Vasa museum and maybe we will take a nice boat tour. There are plenty of nice things to do in this city, so hopefully we can do all of them!

Have a great weekend! Xoxo Nina

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Stockholm Highlights
My favourite spot in Stockholm that has an amazing view on Södermalm.

Stockholm Highlights
Classic Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar).
Stockholm Highlights
Acting cute or something. Top from Loavies.

My Nordstrom Top Picks:

So what is exactly Swedish Fika? When I just moved here to Sweden I found out that the Sweden are always looking for a reason to ‘celebrate’ something haha. I look at the Swedes as real life enjoyers. Guess why I moved here? No just kidding haha. So a Swedish Fika is basically getting together with a friend or colleague or whatsoever, and drink coffee with something sweet. And they just gave that a name ‘Fika’. Funny thing, before I moved to Sweden I barely drank coffee. Now I drink about two cups a day. I start my day with black coffee and I have a cappuccino during my Fika in the afternoon haha. Interesting how fast you adapt to a new country and its culture. I love Fika <3


Always when I go somewhere for coffee or for food, I want to make sure that the place looks ‘Instagrammable’ haha. I just don’t want to miss an opportunity of not being able to makes photos. So if your place has marble tables, you got me, I am already on my way haha! Yesterday I went to Wienercafeet at Biblioteksgatan 6. It’s such a nice place. Their terrace is amazing. They have all marble tables, beautiful flowers as decoration and those classic chairs. Haha sorry If I sound a bit nerdy now. I just really pay attention to that when I go somewhere. My friends are used to it now. Sometimes we even switch places during the ‘food’ or ‘fika’ because the light is better at their seat for example haha. Yesterday I had my first, smörbulle. This is similar to the classic kanelbulle, also known as a cinnamon bun. But this one was with butter and vanilla. So yummy!

So what do you think? are these pictures ‘Instagrammable’ or not? It would say so :D.

If you know any other nice places in Stockholm that I should visit, please leave a comment below and I will check them out soon 🙂

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Swedish Fika
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Swedish Fika

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Swedish Fika
Watch from Paul Hewitt here. Letter pendant necklace here.

Swedish Fika

Finally done with unpacking all the boxes in my new apartment. Jeeeeezzz, what a lot of work was that. I had so much stuff. You should have seen me driving up to here, with the car fully packed up untill the roof haha. Oops.. not sure if that’s even allowed, cause I couldn’t see anything anymore in that mirror in the middle. But yeah, we made it!!!! I was strolling through my new neighbourhood today and I absolutely love it here! Be ready for some real Stockholm spamming the upcoming days/weeks! 🙂

Outfit details:
Bag: Celine lookalike here
Jeans: here
Top: here
Shoes: here
Letter pendant necklace: here

And our balcony is amazing! We have the morning sun on our balcony, so we are having breakfast and drinking coffee there everyday now 🙂 <3

XOXO, Nina

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In May I was lucky to join a lovely photoshoot in Malmo together with David Pahmp and Sofa Boman (check out their work here and here) They were both so nice and we were so lucky the sun was shining all day so we could make some summery photos.  David is really professional and makes sure the best photos will come out of the shoot. During this day my lovely friend helped me out with the styling. See some of the results below.

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Behind the scenes shots…

My outfit details:
Red dress: here or here
Shorts: Ivyrevel
White flared top: Loavies
Shoes: Unisa

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Sofia Boman, what a great girl, she is really a good make-up artist.

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In case you missed it through my social channels..

My first vlog is now online on my channel! I was so scared and excited at the same time to upload this.

Hope you enjoy watching it!

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Xoxo Nina

Finally the sun is out, YAY! Last weekend I was in Malmö sitting on a terrace enjoying the first sunny moments in Sweden. It’s so funny but actually ridiculous how the sun affects our mood. I felt instantly way more happy and had more energy than before. I think I need to get used to this dark winters in Sweden, or maybe escape the winters and be here over the summer..

I think enjoying the sun with a rose wine and some good food is one of my favourite activities. It just makes me happy and feel alive.


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Last weekend I went to Copenhagen with my mom. She was visiting me in Sweden for the first time, so I was really excited to show her around all the nice places. We’ve been strolling around the beautiful city. Luckily no rain….. cause seriously can someone please order some sun for Scandinavia? Thank you!

We had amazing cheesecake at Bertels Salon. Check it out here. It’s in the middle of the centre and easily to find when walking from the central station toward Nyhavn. Close to all the shops. Oh and we saw this cute little doggie in front of a windows. My mom thought he was fake, but eventually he moved a bit and I could convince her it was real haha. Does anyone know what dog breed this is?

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I fell in love with Samsoe & Samoe. I already knew this brand a little bit, but when I entered the big store in Copenhagen… damn. I wanted to buy everything. It’s so classy, feminine and minimalistic. I just love that style. I guess it’s a Danish brand? That’s why they have this big store in Copenhagen. I want to go back soon to buy some stuff. Right now my bank account didn’t allow me to do so 🙂

Last but not least, for some reason I always end my city trip in Copenhagen at this place. Cock’s & Cows, weird name I know, but it stands for Cocktails…. Yes I know what you were thinking before. They have several locations around the city. 

Next weekend I am going to Stockholm, YAY. Just so you know… I am ordering some sun for that weekend…

xoxo Nina

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Today I turn 25. I may only be a day older than yesterday, but now I can say I’ve lived a quarter of a century, and what a life it’s been so far. It seems so common to fear growing up and getting old, but I relish every moment of it. For every year that I’ve been able to walk this Earth, I’ve grown wiser, stronger, and, most of all, happier. Although it may not appear so in the photos I share, my life is far from perfect. Behind the fancy pictures is a real person, with a life full of ups and downs.
As a child I went through times of great pain, and to this day I have struggles that I don’t show the world. Through all of it, though, I am thankful. I am thankful for every experience, even the failures, the pain, the heartbreaks, and the tears, because these experiences are what helped me to understand the most important things in life. At the heart of it all, what matters most? To love, and to be loved. To connect with other souls, and experience the joys and sorrows of life together.
I am incredibly grateful to have wonderful people in my life. They have seen me through all the lows, and they push me to new highs. They give me energy and make me smile every day. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people who you know will stand by you through everything life may throw at you. These people are the ones who listen when you tell them your dreams, and they take it as a matter of course that you can make those dreams reality. My dreams are big, and I won’t waste a precious moment not working to achieve them.
I have a lot of plans for this year, and I feel ready. Ready to accomplish big things. Ready to love and be loved. Ready for the highs, and the lows. Ready to live and learn, through whatever life has to offer me. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me so far, and I am so excited to share the next chapter of my life with you all!

Love xx, Nina

Dress: Realisationpar

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