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In August I’ve moved to Sweden to obtain my Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. I was a bit nervous for this adventures, but since I’ve arrived I am having the time of my life! Sweden is such a beautiful country and all the people are so nice. I’ve made so many new friends 🙂 We discovered many nice places like: Tugg Burgers (best burger place in town), Lomma Beach, Ishiri (Lunch place) and more.

In the meantime I am trying to focus on blogging, but the program is quite intense. Luckily I finally planned my next trip, October 14th -> Stockholm!

xoxo <3

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A few months ago Your Tea contacted me if would try out their tea. I’ve always been very curious about their Tiny Tea. You see many pictures on Instagram of people showing their results with a before and after pic. I was not sure if it really works, but since I was trying to lose some weight and get fitter I wanted to give it a try.

First I’ve checked the ingredients, since I am super obsessed with healthy living and I don’t want to put any garbage into my body. I’ve did some research about the ingredients, which are mostly Chinese herbs. I’ve had very good experiences before with acupuncture and a Chinese herbal cure.

Tiny Tea contains: Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, Mai Ya. (Google will do the work for you)

Basically you can’t expect miracles, since this is just a Tea and it contains just a little bit of the herbs.

But, I have to say that for it worked really wel.

Since Januari I’ve been trying to eat clean and work out more. My weight in January 2016 was 123 lb (56 kg). Since March I’ve been drinking Tiny Tea almost everyday. Today May 26th 2016 my weight it 110 lb (50 kg).

That means that I’ve lost 12 pounds (6 kg) in 5 months. For some people that might not be so much, but for me it’s really a big thing. I feel healthy, fit and energetic. That’s the most important, I think.

So just to be clear. Tiny Tea did help me lose some extra weight. Especially the last few pounds were the hardest. It did prevent bloating, this made me feel better instantly. But don’t expect miracles. All this was achieved by combining good nutrition, workouts and drinking the tea regularly. Find your own balance!

For those who are curious about my workout routine. I follow a dance class once a week and practice some workouts at home almost every day! Check out Rebecca Louise on YouTube, she really has great workouts that don’t take too much time.

XOXO, Nina


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