I was lucky to visit Ibiza three times already. I have such good memories about this places and I really want to go back to this Island soon. I was editing some old pics lately, and I found so many nice ones that I needed to make a blogpost about my Ibiza memories. Have you ever been to Ibiza?

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza is a ‘fancy’ hotel next to Ushuaia. Ushuaia is the place to be when it comes to parties. This is the biggest open air beach club/ish I believe? Anyway, I love day parties, so for me Ushuaia is the places to be. A couple of years ago I was there during Swedish House Maffia and the other years I was joining the Revealed Recordings family. Find the best prices for hotels in Ibiza here!!!!

The Island

Besides partying, Ibiza is a beautiful island with many nice beaches and a lot of nature. Many people believe this is only a party Island, but I would disagree on that. However, it is quite an expensive Island. So I think on Mallorca you can find similar nature/beaches as on Ibiza. However I never been to Formentera yet. It’s a small island across Ibiza where you can go by boat. It has white beaches with clear blue water #instagramgoals.

Where To Go Next?

Right now, I am spending my summer mostly in Sweden. I just moved to Stockholm so I needed to organise some stuff, which means: no time for travelling. I can’t complain the summer is pretty nice here, but do miss the hot days like in Spain. I am thinking now to book a trip soon. Maybe Santorini, maybe Bali? Where are you girls going this summer?


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Ibiza Holiday

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Sunglasses: hereIbiza Holiday


Yesterday I arrived in Thessaloniki, YAY. I’ve been waiting for so long for some sun. The weather in Sweden has been terrible the last months, it’s May and it’s still winter there. When we got out of the airport it was immediately 27 degrees, so I was happy and looking forward to spend the rest of the week here. We are visiting my friends hometown. One of my best friends is from Thessaloniki, I’ve been to some Greek islands before but never on the main land. These pictures were taken yesterday during sunset. It was such a beautiful walk!
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xoxo Nina

Dress: Drylake
Shoes: Parkwest
Bag: Loavies

Currently sitting at Arlanda airport writing this blogpost while looking at a sunny blue sky and airplanes that are passing by.
Life is beautiful!

So I spent my weekend in Stockholm again. This is the third time that I am visiting Sweden’s capital. This weekend was all just about chilling, good food, wine and watching the Melodifestivalen haha! I have this guilty pleasure for the Eurovision songfestival and last Saturday Sweden got their national finals. Seriously I loved all the song, you can really tell that the Swedes are good at making music. Well congrats to Robin Bengtsson, but I really liked Nano – Hold On (they ended up second).

The weather was amazing, finally spring is coming to Sweden. This OOTD look is from Saturday. I am obsessed with pink, so you might caught me wearing 50 shades of pink this spring 🙂 I really like Stockholm, I need to start thinking about where I am going to live after finishing my master in Lund. Stockholm is definitely one of my options. I have seriously no real plans yet and no idea what I am going to do. But I actually like that uncertainty. Just go with the flow. Who knows where life will bring me!

If you could move now anywhere, where would you go?

Xoxo, Nina

ps: for the girls that are using, Did you know you can now screenshot your favourite photos and the outfit details will be ready to shop automatically? It think this is such a cool new feature. The technology nowadays is insane haha. You just need the app for that. Enjoy shopping <3

Sweatshirt from ASOS (get it here)
Shoes from SuperGa (get it here)
Sunnies from TIJN eyewear (get it here)
Bag from Zara (last year’s collection)

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Last weekend I went to Copenhagen with my mom. She was visiting me in Sweden for the first time, so I was really excited to show her around all the nice places. We’ve been strolling around the beautiful city. Luckily no rain….. cause seriously can someone please order some sun for Scandinavia? Thank you!

We had amazing cheesecake at Bertels Salon. Check it out here. It’s in the middle of the centre and easily to find when walking from the central station toward Nyhavn. Close to all the shops. Oh and we saw this cute little doggie in front of a windows. My mom thought he was fake, but eventually he moved a bit and I could convince her it was real haha. Does anyone know what dog breed this is?

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I fell in love with Samsoe & Samoe. I already knew this brand a little bit, but when I entered the big store in Copenhagen… damn. I wanted to buy everything. It’s so classy, feminine and minimalistic. I just love that style. I guess it’s a Danish brand? That’s why they have this big store in Copenhagen. I want to go back soon to buy some stuff. Right now my bank account didn’t allow me to do so 🙂

Last but not least, for some reason I always end my city trip in Copenhagen at this place. Cock’s & Cows, weird name I know, but it stands for Cocktails…. Yes I know what you were thinking before. They have several locations around the city. 

Next weekend I am going to Stockholm, YAY. Just so you know… I am ordering some sun for that weekend…

xoxo Nina

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23102014_baner lotcom_chopin_750x100 Image Banner 750 x 100



Last week I was visiting Gdansk (Poland). For those who don’t know, I am half Dutch and half Polish, so it was really fun to go back to my roots. I was lucky to stay at the beautiful Puro Hotel in the middle of the Old Town of Gdansk. From here we could easily walk through the whole city and see all the beautiful historical architecture that Gdansk has to offer. Funny thing is that you can actually rent a PlayStation for free at the hotel. So while it was raining outside, I was not bored in the hotel. Also it is really cool that you can manage all the room settings with a tablet, like the lights, the TV, ordering room service, etc. This is a really modern hotel and I love their bar!


The breakfast was amazing, every morning we could choose from a big variety of food. And on ‘Fat Thursday’ they had a wide selection of sweets on the buffet, yummy :)! While you are staying at the hotel you can get free coffee and tea at any time, that’s a big plus for me as a tea addict. All in all, I would recommend the hotel to everyone who is visiting Gdansk. The location is just amazing and it has every comfort you need.


Besides walking through the city we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating Pierogi twice during our 4 day stay. I just love Pierogi. When you are planning to visit Gdansk, don’t miss out on Restaurant Mandu in Gdansk, it is the best Pierogi place in town and they are so friendly there. Sometimes it’s a bit busy and you have to wait a couple of minutes for a table, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

Hopefully I can visit this city again during spring or summer and then I would definitely want to go to Sopot as well and see the beach and the promenade.

My mommy is visiting me next week in Sweden and I can’t wait to finally show her around where I live. ps; I am considering to stay in Sweden after finishing my master at Lund University.

Puss och kram!

xoxo Nina

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And the travel madness has begun….

sick travel schedule

Right when I landed in Munich it started snowing in Austria. That means, YES I can go skiing. To be honest, the last time I’ve skiid I was 7 years old…. So let’s make a small calculation… that’s uhmmm 17 years ago!! Damn, someone is getting old here. Can’t believe I am turning 25 already next month.

winter wonderland in gaicht

But on topic, I had an amazing time in this Winter Wonderland. I was lucky to visit my friend’s place in Gaicht, a small little village in Tirol,  Austria. If you like to get some rest, walk trough the nature, ski and perhaps ride a horse. Go to my friends place! Skiing went actually pretty good. Yes, I am a little bit proud at myself haha. In the meantime I enjoyed some schnitzels and currywurst, nommnommnomm 🙂 While we were driving back to Munich, we passed a ‘famous’ lake called Plansee. Everything was so beautifully white, snowy and the reflections on the ice at the lake were incredible!!

“STOP here in the middle of the road, I need a picture!” – Nina quote.

Now, I am back in Sweden focusing on my master again. I love this country so much, it feels like coming home. I even started to learn some Swedish now.

Happy New Year/Gott Nytt År

New travel stories soon!



Luggage: American Tourister
Hat: Topshop
Bag: Zalando
Sunglasses & watch: Kapten & Son

30032016_baner_US lotcom_gdn_noprice_750x200 Image Banner 750 x 200

Lomma Lomma Ishiri Lund Lund Lund Lund Lund Lund LundLundLund

In August I’ve moved to Sweden to obtain my Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. I was a bit nervous for this adventures, but since I’ve arrived I am having the time of my life! Sweden is such a beautiful country and all the people are so nice. I’ve made so many new friends 🙂 We discovered many nice places like: Tugg Burgers (best burger place in town), Lomma Beach, Ishiri (Lunch place) and more.

In the meantime I am trying to focus on blogging, but the program is quite intense. Luckily I finally planned my next trip, October 14th -> Stockholm!

xoxo <3

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by Nina Alinaby Nina Alinaby Nina Alinaby Nina Alinaby Nina Alinaby Nina Alinaby Nina Alina

Every year I’m coming back to this place, but yes only for one day! Julian is playing at Ushuaia already for 3 years in a row and I am lucky to join him.

After some tanning at the pool from the Hard Rock Hotel we went to the Revealed Recordings party at Ushuaia. I bought this lovely white dress in a small Japanese store in Tokyo. When you followed my Snapchat takeover of OOTDmagazine you must have seen this outfit before 🙂

I really love Ibiza and yes the Hard Rock Hotel makes it a bit more special. This hotel is amazing! They always make me feel comfortable and the food is so delicious. If you get the chance to stay at this hotel one day, please make sure you book a room with breakfast included. Their breakfast is heaven!

After coming back to this Island every year for just one day, I think it is time to finally come here for a holiday. So I hope I can come back next year and stay here for at least one week. I love taking pictures on sunny islands!

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Xoxo, Nina

Dress: Libby & Rose (Tokyo)
Sunnies: Kapten & Son (Maui small)
Shoes: Zara
Bikini: Triangl ‘GIGI’ Strawberry Shortcake
Bag: Ambizia
Shorts: Zara

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Can’t believe I went to Japan! It was always a dream to go to Japan. I’ve heard so many great stories about this country. At the beginning of June my boyfriend had to do 2 shows here 1 in Tokyo and 1 in Sapporo. We were lucky to stay some extra days. So we stayed 3 days in Tokyo and 2 days in Sapporo. Yes, that’s actually long for us. We’re used to fly back and forth in 1 day.

We’ve seen all the highlights in Tokyo. We were staying in the lovely Excel hotel in Shibuya. The last photo shows the view from our hotel room. That’s the famous Shibuya crossing. It was so funny to see all this people crossing the street all at once.

Did you see my Snapchat takeover for OOTDmagazine? On friday I was showing you around all the fashion highlights of Tokyo. I went to all the famous shopping malls and areas. What I really liked was Harajuku. In this area you can find small Japanese fashion stores. I am not so tall, so all the clothes here had the perfect fit for me.

On Saturday we flew to Sapporo. This place was located on the northern Island: Hokkaido of Japan. Unfortunately we partied a bit too hard, so we didn’t had much time to explore this city. But we’ve met so many nice people that I for sure will come back to this place very soon <3


Topshop petite boyfriend jeans Topshop petite boyfriend jeans Topshop petite boyfriend jeans Topshop petite boyfriend jeans Topshop petite boyfriend jeans


FINALLY!! I’ve found the perfect boyfriend jeans that fits me. For those who don’t know yet… I am only 5’4″ tall. So it’s really difficult to find a good jeans that is not too long. Luckily Topshop has a petite collection and I really love it. Bought this boyfriend jeans during my citytrip in London at their biggest shop at Oxford circus.

Who’s ever been there? The shop is so big I get lost all the time, but you really can find (almost) everything of their collection here.

Get your own boyfriend jeans here.

Soon more on the blog about my trip to London!

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